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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"To love another is to see the face of God."

Today students in our first regularly scheduled class had some kind of testing that resulted in a free period for us.  We spent it exploring the library on the fifth floor - a sparse room with most texts being soft-cover teaching materials - very few children's books.  We concluded that period taking official school photos with the faculty.

Our one class, a first-grade classroom, was spent going over fruit identification, and practicing prepositions.  Students seemed to be tripped up saying/enunciating "next to."

Team 17 spent an hour touring the ancient Literature Temple, then concluded our evening with dinner across the street from the temple at KOTO, a restaurant that strives to assist Hanoi's disadvantaged youth.

Some discussion throughout the day included proposing that future visits to Nguyen Binh Khiem International School by Global Volunteers could involve suggesting the team consider bringing with them a contemporary new book that would interest primary or high school students - in English or Vietnamese.

-- David

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