Vietnam Team Journal

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Memorable Moments & Personal Insights

At Global Volunteers, we strive to provide a unique, and high quality service experience for all of our volunteers. Important aspects of this experience include a refined orientation program at the outset and an evaluation and reflection opportunity at the end of your service program. Some folks are so enthused and inspired at the end of their programs that they share their experiences with anyone that will listen, and encourage us to do the same using social media, their local media outlets, and the like.

Please read and enjoy some of the memorable moments and personal insights of a few of our most recent team members in Vietnam!!

"My most memorable event was in our 8th grade class. We were asking the students about their favorite music/single when a girl ran up to the front of the room and said to me - 'I love Justin Bieber because he sings good and he is young like me.' I said - 'And , he just won a big award, didn't he?' She turned to the class, raised her thumbs and said - 'YES!' These kids appear to have no hang-ups around race or ethnicity - they are exposed to the world and they just like what they like!!" ~ Volunteer Karen

"I realized here that people are the same everywhere. A simple act of giving can impact just one, or many. On this program I enjoyed reconnecting with some school staff at the school, being treated to dinner by one of the hotel staff, and the good conversation with fellow volunteers, school staff and local people." ~ Volunteer Roger

If you would like to join us in Vietnam in 2011 or 2012, please don't hesitate to contact us today!! You can also learn more about Vietnam service program dates by visiting the following link:

We look forward to welcoming you to Hanoi!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meet Vietnam's March Team Leader... Warren!

Have you been considering a service program in Vietnam in 2011? If so, know that wonderful team leaders "captain" each of our volunteer teams in Hanoi and will help ensure your volunteer experience is a good one.

In March 2011, Team Leader Warren will guide our volunteers through their experience. And, believe us - they are in good hands! Warren has been leading teams with Global Volunteers for over 15 years and has led nearly 60 volunteer teams!!

Here is a bit more information about Global Volunteers' team leaders: All our team leaders are trained and experienced in managing diverse groups of people, and have served on several volunteer teams. They are also required to complete our intensive two-week team leader training sessions (in December) in Minnesota.

Further, Global Volunteers team leaders are evaluated by the volunteers on each program, and must achieve an established level of performance in order to continue leading Global Volunteers teams. This ensures a quality experience for everyone involved.

Please consider joining us in Vietnam this year, where you'll have the pleasure of serving with Warren OR one of his esteemed team leader colleagues!!

For details, call (800) 487 - 1074 or visit TODAY!