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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Day

Breakfast, journal reading and off to school.  First class was with Ms Chinh.  We have only had a couple of classes with her.  She is the third elementary English teacher. We had to make sure we got a photo with her. We missed her yesterday.

One more class with Ms. Lan before lunch.  David got to play keep-away soccer with the high school kids before lunch. He seemed to enjoy getting some exercise and the kids.

After lunch we went book shopping several blocks to the east.  All the books were in Vietnamese, but David found two to purchase.

One more class with Ms. Lan and off to another bookstore at the south end of the lake.  We saw it this morning on the way to school and we each purchased several English books for the school. 

For dinner, we planned to eat at the New Day Cafe.  We heard from some Russian tourists that it was very good.  One problem in Hanoi is they do not have no-smoking sections.  Smoking and dining just does not mix.  So we went across the street to the 69 Bar/Restaurant and had a very nice fixe price meal for four.  No smoking overlooking the street.

Barb has a cold, but hung in there all day.  After lunch, she finally ran out of steam.  I picked up pictures and walked around the lake, before going back to the room.  We watched a movie, the first one we have seen while we have been here. I hope Barb feels better on Thursday.  

--- Bob

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